‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, episode 14 recap: ‘The Grove’

Wow, talking about making up for previous episodes that lacked a little lustre, and I get that the writers had to set the tone for what was to come, and they delivered. This episode was a serious eye-opening with a very disheartening truth. What do you do with a disturbed child in a apocalyptic world where almost all seems lost and we begin to move past inanimate objects and play with the walking dead?

Well we got our answer in the “Grove” Carol is a stone cold executioner who had to take out Lizzie Borden. I’m not sure if I would have done that but I guess it was either that or no sleep. 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. KC_The Sunshine Bad says:

    I had a tough time with this episode but tonight’s was so hopeful! We all know that won’t last. Sounds like Rick killed one of the good old boys in Daryl’s new group. It will be interesting how the finale leaves us hanging next week.

  2. M&M says:

    Who will survive the season finale?? Things do not look good for the group. I am on pins and needles.

  3. KC_The Sunshine Band says:

    The drama continues and I am sure all our questions will not be answered for this season’s finale. They have to keep us hanging so we will watch the next season. Terminus is not paradise so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I am still reeling from the Lizzie show. LOL

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