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To hell with unleashing the Kracken when the Sheriff is in town. Rick went ballistic and I don’t blame him, you mess with my son and it’s a wrap!
I dug the season finale with a couple exceptions of course.
1. Although he survives, Rick is forever getting his ass kicked. (I guess Combat wasn’t part of the requirement to be Sheriff)
2. He needs to work on his recon skills; maybe he wouldn’t have wound up in the train.


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  1. Well, at least they are all reunited in the train car! Where is Beth?? I am so glad the “Claimed Group” is gone. What a bunch of creepers! Rick definitely found what he is good at. Aren’t we all monsters to some degree? And in an apocalypse situation, monsters survive! What an ending to an interesting season. Too bad you can’t use the f word sounds much more powerful than “they don’t know who they are screwing with”.
    Songs that could apply to this season:
    “I Saw the Sign” when Maggie is killing the zombies with the sign.
    “Blinded by the Light” when Glenn is saved in the tunnel.
    “Ballroom Blitz” for the fight scene at Terminus
    Can’t wait for the next season! Now on to Game of Thrones!

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